Artifact Title: Anthropologies Imaginaires

Medium: Video

Creator: Gabriel Dharmoo

Video Length: 3:39

Video Title: Anthropologies imaginaires (Trailer)

Upload Year: 2014

Platform: Vimeo

Screenshot of Video: 0:01

Uploader: Gabriel Dharmoo

Image Credit: Daphne Moss

TERA Curator: Gabriel Dharmoo

Anthropologies Imaginaires

This is a performance project that works with voice, sound, and perception to pose questions about coloniality. Anthropologies imaginaires (or Imaginary Anthropologies) is a solo vocal performance that interacts with a video mockumentary. The experts on screen comment on invented vocal traditions demonstrated by the singer-performer. Various odd or isolated vocal expressions from around the world are woven together and revisited through imaginary folklore and experimental voice techniques, showcasing the virtuosity, versatility, and strangeness of the human voice. The result is an aural landscape that questions concepts of normality by reminding audiences how people across the world use the voice differently to convey their cultural identities and artistic sensibilities. Anthropologies Imaginaires is a humorous and disturbing exploration of post-colonialism, post-exoticism, cultural extinction, globalization, normalized racism and cultural appropriation.