Artifact Title: Data Bunker

Medium: Video

Creator: Mount 10

Video Length: 3:31

Video Title: Swiss Fort Knox

Upload Year: 2016

Platform: YouTube

Screenshot in Image: 1:08

Uploader: MOUNT10 AG - Das Original Schweizer Online Backup

Image Credit: Daphne Moss

TERA Curator: Elonda Clay

Data Bunker

Abandoned after the Cold War, nuclear bunkers across the globe have acquired afterlives as storage facilities in which maximum protection information security companies and cloud computing providers house the servers they use to store valuable data. This repurposing occurs as future threats to computing are increasingly framed through apocalyptic rhetoric and doomsday prepper culture. Governments, large technology corporations, scientific archives, and financial industries​​—concerned with environmental disasters, physical attacks on infrastructure, and fragile financial markets— are embracing the promise of future-proofing large volumes of digital data by locating their computing clouds underground.