Artifact Title: Hungry Listening

Medium: Text

Author: Dylan Robinson

Book Title: Hungry Listening: Resonant Theory for Indigenous Sound Studies

Publisher: University of Minnesota Press

Year: 2020

Pages in Image: 2-3

Image Credit: Mikayla Collins

TERA Curator: Gabriel Dharmoo

Hungry Listening

In his book Hungry Listening: Resonant Theory for Indigenous Sound Studies, Dylan Robinson engages the Canadian new music scene, which is rooted in Western Classical music. In this excerpt, he expands upon the title to consider a multilayered constellation of meanings between shxwelítemelh (white person’s methods/things), xwelítem (white settler, or “starving person”) and xwélalà:m (listening). White settlers were hungry (starving) and also hungry for gold when they invaded indigenous territories in Western Canada. Robinson points out that cultural logics create particular forms of listening, which differ between settlers and indigenous people. What are the stakes of how we listen?