Artifact Title: Foraging as Resistance

Medium: Text

Creator: Sophia Hoffinger with Jumana Manna

Article Title: Foraging As Resistance

Publisher: The Common Table

Year: 2022

Image Info: FORAGERS / اليد الخضراء / Trailer, Jumana Manna, 1:41

Screenshot in Image: 0:29

Image Credit: Daphne Moss

TERA Curator: Gabriel Dharmoo

Foraging as Resistance

This interview with artist Jumana Manna touches on many intersections of technology, ecology, religion and art. In her own words the two films, “are looking at the contradictions of preservation practices, and the erasures that accompany those preservation practices.” In particular, Manna contrasts different kinds of archive making (the Post Herbarium, still life painting of plants done as part of colonial missions, seed banks) with community based knowledge traditions, histories, and knowledge making about plants. This opens up questions such as: who has ownership of land and who decides what takes place on it? What is the relation of people to the seeds they have gathered and grown for centuries? What is the role of the artist in advocacy, awareness, and action for different causes?