Artifact Title: @I_sodope_

Medium: Video

Creator: Isabelle Boemeke

Video Length: 11:45

Video Title: “Nuclear power is our best hope to ditch fossil fuels”

Upload Year: 2022

Platform: TED

Image Credit: Daphne Moss

Screenshot in Image: 1:59

TERA Curator: Amanda Nichols


On September 19, 2022, Isabelle Boemeke, the self-labeled world’s first ‘nuclear energy influencer’, took to the TED stage to promote her vision of increasing nuclear power technologies as a means of salvation from a carbon-dependent energy future. Through her futuristic social media personality, @I_sodope_, Boemeke aims to shift public perception of nuclear power by spreading her vision of a future where it is the world’s leading source of energy production. Boemeke’s vision of technoscientific salvation, achieved through nuclear energy dependency, perpetuates religious and nationalistic ideologies that exacerbate injustices of resource extraction. Through a close examination of the Isodope accounts, we can begin to see how these ideas are mediated and disseminated through popular culture, and how they influence the ways that our society imagines and enacts our energy futures.