Artifact Title: (Non)Human Portraits

Medium: Video

Creators: Gabriel Dharmoo and Jonathan Goulet

Video Length: 5:42

Video Title: PORTRAITS - Gabriel Dharmoo / Bijuriya

Upload Year: 2020

Platform: Youtube

Screenshot of Video: 0:02

Uploader: Gabriel Dharmoo

Image Credit: Daphne Moss

TERA Curator: Gabriel Dharmoo

(Non)Human Portraits

This artifact is a series of four portraits of fictional characters brought to life through voice, body and makeup. The video explores the physicality of different types of character-based vocalizations. Dharmoo’s art thrives in ambiguous spaces between the familiar and the uncanny – who are these beings, and what is their level of (non)humanness, of Otherness? To what realm do they belong?