Artifact Title: Sea thread

Medium: Image

Creator: Nadia Huggins

Year: 2022

TERA Curator: Nadia Huggins

Sea thread

The sea thread is a type of jellyfish that is often felt and not seen when swimming. People speak about them often in Saint Vincent, but few people ever see them. It seemed to Nadia Huggins like a story that people had been telling her to keep her from swimming out too far. Then one day, while swimming out too far, she saw them, these tiny jellyfish, maybe a centimeter long and tried to photograph them. In this case photography aligns with native mythologies to challenge narratives we create about presence. It’s a reminder that what might not be visible to the human eye, does exist and oftentimes looks very different to what lies in our imaginations. What else is out there? What tiny things are affecting us on a micro-scale?