Artifact Title: Seagrass sonification

Medium: Sound Recordings

Creator: Coastal Conservatory

Image Credit: Hillary Kaell, Jockey’s Ridge State Park, 2021

Location: Coastal Virginia

TERA Curator: Hillary Kaell

Seagrass sonification

The Coastal Conservatory in Virginia brings together environmental scientists, theologians, ecologists, composers, sociologists, and others with the goal of integrating the humanities into the investigation of coastal change. In particular, the Conservatory emphasizes listening as a way to immerse hearers in living environments and connect people across boundaries. Listen to the Seagrass Sonification and the Oyster Field Recording. The first one sonifies data to create new compositions; the second one records oyster sounds using microphones in the field. Can listening to non-human sounds, filtered via human technology, spur ecological actions and even moral transformation?