Artifact Title: Talking Rain

Medium: Audio/visual

Creator: Hildegrard Westerkamp

Upload Year: 2016

Video Length: 11:48

Year: 1997

Video Title: Hildegard WESTERKAMP_PRESENCES électronique 2016

Uploader: INA grm

Platform: Youtube

Image credit: Public Domain

TERA Curator: Gabriel Dharmoo

Talking Rain

Talking Rain is an invitation to listen to environmental sound through the lens (or more aptly, the ear) of composer, radio artist and sound ecologist Hildegard Westerkamp. Sound is a dimension of our everyday lives. We are constantly engaging sounds — from sounds with an artistic or musical intention to sounds or noise in its broadest sense. This video, an interview and a sound-art piece called Talking Rain, is of great interest for hearing-people whose level of engagement with sound is not as sustained or intentional. Westerkamp has said: “Environmental sound can be understood as a type of language. Each sound or soundscape has its own meanings and expressions and is like a spoken word. It has something to say about all living beings. All living being’s behaviors and their relationship to their surroundings. About listening and sound making habits, whether urban or rural, the sounds of our home environments, give us, often unconsciously, a strong sense of place.” Talking Rain is an invitation towards an increased awareness of the sonic dimensions of life.