Artifact Title: Digital Rituals #BLM

Medium: Image

Creator: Daphne Moss, edit by Mikayla Collins

Year: May 2023

Notes: Screenshot of TikTok homepage

TERA Curator: Elonda Clay

Digital Rituals #BLM

This artifact, a screenshot from a TikTok page, highlights hashtag activism, specifically focused around the hashtag #blacklivesmatter created on the Facebook social media platform. The hashtag was a powerful response to the often-violent ritual nature of anti-blackness and state-sanctioned, racialized violence in the United States, which resonated in many other countries around the world. With 31.6 billion views on TikTok, the blacklivesmatter hashtag also encouraged solidarity and conveyed a deep sense of belonging within the global digital public sphere.The virtual ritualizing on social media can be thought of as a way of intentionally cultivating and re-appropriating rites or rite-like practices, including the presentation of imaginative myths, cultural memories, and social experiences.